Our culture

Since 1988

35 years of existence and still in constant evolution. Every day, TVA Engineering's collaborators participate in the success of our customers. We allow our teams to exploit their highest potential by valuing their creativity and their personal development. At TVA Engineering, we are all committed to the social responsibility of OUR company for YOUR success.
Arnaud Lahutte
Chief Executive Officer

A sustainable solution must be efficient, effective and of high quality. We guarantee innovative, co-responsible, reliable and long-term solutions to meet our customers' requirements.

Today, talking about French excellence also means talking about a dynamic, agile and technologically advanced industry. Our investments allow us to have in our premises, the tools adapted to your request.

Engineering is an elegant art and a key part of our philosophy. Simplicity can often be the most complex solution, but also the most ingenious. We strive to incorporate this "aesthetic" component into our clients' designs. We understand the importance of form as well as function.

Team One
Team Two
Team Three
Since 1988, TVA Engineering has been meeting your needs with optimal solutions and customized services.