Project Management & Support

It is important to offer our customers comprehensive services in addition to our expertise in traditional business areas (electricity, instrumentation, piping, etc.). That’s why TVA Group now provides a full range of EPC industrial project management services.

Our experts are located at our Antony headquarters, where they manage our studies and turnkey projects, and at customer sites, where they work directly in project teams.

Our experts include:
Project Engineers
The project engineer designs and implements projects. Project engineers also provide technical, administrative, and budget management, right from the design phase until completion. They are the direct link with the customer.
Planning Engineers
The planning engineer translates the project strategy in terms of its deadlines and sequencing. Planning engineers track the progress of projects, analyse deviations, and suggest action plans to correct deviations.
Doc Controller/Project Assistants
The Doc Controller/Project Assistant stores, updates, and distributes all paper and electronic documentation involved in the life-cycle of a project, to all appropriate parties.
Industrial Buyers
The Industrial Buyer is responsible for finding suppliers and negotiating with them to supply materials to meet the needs expressed by the project’s technical teams.
Logistical Engineers
The Logistical Engineer coordinates the flow of equipment with the main objective of shortening deadlines and reducing costs. Logistical Engineers select carriers and freight forwarders and negotiate prices with them. They optimise storage and handling.
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